Why We Need Maintenance For WordPress?

WordPress Features
30 Aug 2017

Now a days, many people use wordpress for blog writing and online shopping platform. Due to its advantages, wordpress has become popular in a short time-span. Based on PHP, it is an open source and has better server response features and so many are preferring to use it. But it is essential to update wordpress regularly.

1] WordPress updates
Wordpress updates their version regularly by removing the bugs from previous versions. So it is essential to update the wordpress based website to its current version, regularly. It will help website to be bug free and not easy to hack.

2] Plugin updates
Plugins used at installation may be updated by plugin developers or some are not updated as support for new version of wordpress. So for proper working of website we need to keep plugins updated or replace the plugins that are not updated.

3] Includes New features/plugins
By introduction of new features and plugins, we can improve website’s look and feel and make it user-friendly. Using the editors like VC, Siteorigin etc has made wordpress easy to use for admins.

4] Prevents hacking
Security features that comes with new versions, prevents website from hacking or accessing your data.

5] Site traffic improvement
Adding content regularly on website helps people to connect with your website. It will increase the traffic to your website.

6] Broken links
Issues like Broken Links or Page Not Found are raised for the websites that are not updated for longer time. Due to this, your Google Page Rank may decrease and it will indirectly affect your business or brand.

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