Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategy 2016

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21 Oct 2016

In today’s Business Social Media Marketing is important for branding, lead generation and sales. Social media marketing is useful for providing current market updates to customers about company products or services.
Social media helps to small business to reach more customers or audience. Your customers are interacting with brands only through social media, so having a strong social media marketing plan on the web is the key to tap into their interest.

Social media marketing strategy are as follows

1. Remarketing on social-
Remarketing is one of the best strategy that let you advertise to people who have visited your website and shown interest in your product or service. It is work very effectively when visitors visit to your website, you segment your website visitors and create custom ads and then show those ads to those website visitors via Facebook. Remarketing on Facebook helps to boost conversions and lowers the overall cost per customer acquisition.
The biggest advantage of remarketing on social media is that you are only showing your ad to people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. You can remarket to people who have visited your website, but haven’t purchased yet; customers who have completed a sale; and people who may not know about your product or service, but are likely to be interested in it.
In remarketing you have to do your best to determine which users visited your website through organic traffic or via paid search traffic and then find them on Facebook or twitter

2. Build Communities around Actionable Hash tags-
The use of hashtags is tagging particular keywords, phrases and other strings of texts and letters which are used to track specific topic, conversations and provide the ability to other users as well. Hashtags can also provide your targeted audiences with greater insights about your brand or businesses

3. Create Engaging Content-
When you create great engaging content for your website then you need to keep your customer’s need in your mind and then you have to go ahead. Content and social media have a perfect relationship: Without great content social media is meaningless and without social media nobody will know about your content. Use them together to reach your targeted audience.

There are three main components to any successful social media content strategy:
Type of content – The type of content means how you present your engaging content in front of audience – through only text, text with images, links and video etc it’s depends on you and those content you should post on each social network site to increase website visibility
Time of posting – The key factor of successful social media engagement is to post your great content during peak hours and days to your audience. Posting the contents at the best time will help you get more traffic, more engagement and more followers
Frequency of posting – Finding the perfect frequency of posting means getting more engagement for your content. Frequency of posting is all about how many times you post your contents per day? How often should you post? When should you post? What should you post?

4. Target the audience to boost engagement and reduce costs–
Targeting audience means you have to choose the right ages based on your Facebook Insights. For example, when you build an ad campaign for college students, most advertisers will pick an age range of 18-22. A great way to lower your cost per conversion is to expand your age range.
Exclude Website Visitors
Unless your ad campaign is specifically targeting to your existing customers, don not waste your advertising time and money on customers who are already loyal to you. You can exclude certain visitors or audience with specific interests.
Segment Retargeting Audiences
Users, who are visited to your blog or site as one visitor, try to splitting those visitors into different engagement categories. This will allow you to align your visitors with your messaging.

Benefits are:
• Increase audience engagement overall.
• Increase conversion for each audience.
• Build long-term brand value.

5. Be found with SEO-
In today’s competitive market SEO is more important than ever. Every day user search there quires in search engine for searching there appropriate answers. If you have a SEO based website or any latest blog can help your business to grow with your search engine ranking.

User always chooses the top level results in Search engine result page. So SEO is very important to increase the visitors to your website or you can increase the visibility of your website in search engine result page (SERP) by SEO.
Always SEO can put you one step ahead as per today’s market – Sale, Business Growth, traffic and revenue all the things are totally depends on SEO. Let’s take an example of Amazon, Flip kart, Snapdeal they are doing online marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC to promote their products & that’s why they are always in top most position on Web.

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