Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing In India
3 Oct 2016

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also called as ‘online marketing’ or ‘Internet Marketing’. Through which we can promote a particular product or brand via various digital technologies. Such as Computer, tablets, Internet, Social Medias, smart phones etc.
Internet Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) those are very important things for Digital marketing.
Importance of Digital marketing
 While running the particular business offline you can become success in that but when it comes to online, you can expand your business more and more in less time.
 If your website gets optimized with digital marketing activities then you can target your customers and there may be chances of increasing the visibility of your site in SERP (search engine result page).
 Remarketing or re-audience plays very important part in digital marketing for converting website visitors into customers.
 Social media marketing cover exact information or short messages and reach out it to audience which are important to target for your business purpose.

Digital marketing Consists of-
 Website designing
 Search engine optimization (SEO)
 Pay per click (PPC)
 Social media marketing
 Email marketing
 Display advertising
 Content marketing
 Blogging
Social media is one of the best strategy through which we can focus on target audience, website visibility, targeted traffic and content promotion. Popular Channels for Social Media Marketing or Content, Image, Video Promotion are listed here.

Main difference between Traditional marketing and Digital Marketing

Fields Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing
Cost and speed In Today’s world small businesses use digital marketing strategy because it is very fast method to promote your brands and services. Digital marketing includes websites, online videos, mails and social medias those are available in very less cost; using those strategies you can reach to your targeted customers in a few times. Traditional marketing is more time consuming method in the form of targeting specific customers. Small businesses are not able to buying televisions, desktops, printing machines, laptops because those are costly; making advertisements through hard copies makes more budget.
visibility Visibility of digital marketing is like viral because in this method we can share or send the products ads, event related posts and much more things via social Medias. So we can reach at our targeted audience. Traditional marketing is not much effective than digital marketing it is only for limited audience or customer(e.g. Television ads are only visible for few times it is not visible for longer time)
Measuring Result In this method you can track exact information about your ads, messages, posts which has shared through the social networks and we can also track how many people visit to our ads or website, session time on webpage and website visiting locations.
In this method we can get group of people, we can get lead generation for getting real time results.
This method is difficult to measure; we cannot identify how many customers read your ads in paper, watching ads on TV. So we cannot get real time results.
In this method we don’t get actual idea about how many people will see our ads; we cannot generate lead for getting actual results.
Target your audience Digital marketing strategies are most important method to target to your audience; video marketing is most effective strategy, especially for younger audience. Targeting audience is not performing effectively in traditional marketing as compare to digital marketing.
Communication Type In digital marketing communication is done through many to many direction; here both buyer and seller interact with each other. In traditional marketing effective communication not happens; it is a one to many communication; here you don’t get customer’s response.
Customer Engagement Through digital marketing strategy you can encourage or aware to your audience about your brand, products or services; you can also request them for buying your products, visiting your site or reading about your services for making greater engagement on your site. In traditional marketing you cannot interact with your target customers so there is no effective audience engagement.
Branding Branding is done through special symbol that identifies better qualities of your products/services that totally differentiates them from other products/services. This is much easier to do using digital marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is also known as ‘offline marketing’; in this method you have to use yourself as a walking promotion for your business.
ROI(return on investment) Through digital marketing
There ROI is visible in front of you in very less time.
In traditional marketing you have to wait for longer time for making visible ROI.
Relationship Building Online marketing helps you to target your audience. Email marketing, blogging and social media marketing are best ways to stay connected with your customers. Offline marketing does not allow you to stay connected with your target audience. They don’t give any offer for lead generation for your future business purpose.

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