19 Aug 2018


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising service on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to help marketers reach their customers instantly. They are paid ads for online promotion of business or any products or services. It’s useful to display the ad on the first page of search result to easily interact with users. Google AdWords’ system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers. Google considers many factors before deciding which ad to display first, as well as the sequence of ads that follow.


27 Apr 2017

Best 5 ways to Increase YouTube watch time

Do you have a YouTube channel? Looking for ways to keep viewers watching longer?
We all know that accumulating Watch Time on your YouTube videos is very important for how successfully they rank in search results.

So, What Is YouTube Watch Time?
Watch time (audience retention) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. Ideally, videos topping in this metric result in higher overall viewing sessions. Read More “Best 5 ways to Increase YouTube watch time” »