20 May 2017

Today Facebook is the largest Social networking site that people use in their daily routine. Many Businesses prefer to have Facebook page for the better marketing and branding for their products/services. It is a best way to reach to potential customers using Facebook.

Many businesses creates Facebook page but do not utilize full potential of social media marketing. Creating a Facebook page needs a creative design & strategic thinking. Facebook page cover photo is front face of your retail business. It is important to have brand colors on your Facebook page. Facebook page must be complete in all aspects for online store promotion right from page cover photo to album & Facebook posts.

Key Features of Facebook’s page Layout for Business

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1. Cover image of Facebook page
Facebook cover photo is very important part of your Business Facebook page. Include relative images into cover. Put your product/service images into cover image. Looking at Facebook cover image visitor must get idea of what your business is about.
Your cover photo must be (851 x 315 pixels) & it should be less than 100 kilobytes.
The image that contains your logo or text content, you can use a PNG file to get higher quality result

2. Business profile photo (logo) in cover image
Don’t forget to include your Company logo as your profile photo in your cover image. It will help to spread your branding across social networking site very quickly, It will also help people to find your Page and recognize it in posts, comments and more. Company logo should scale well from 180 x 180 pixels to 32 x 32 pixels.

3. Facebook Page Name (@username)
A username helps people find & remember your Page. When you create a username, it appears in a customized web address (e.g. facebook.com/BuinessName) for your Page. Your username should match the name of your Page as much as possible.

4. Add a short Description
Your Page’s short description helps people know what you’re about, and it appears in search results when people look for you online.

5. Add a CTA button to your Page
Make it easy for people to take action with your business page. Choose the button you want to add to your Page & where you’d like to send people when they click it.
E.g. you can add Buttons like Call Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Sign Up, Send Email, Learn more and Download App or Use App, Play game etc for more engagement.

6. Add Page roles
Admin can do a lot on their Pages, including publishing posts and adverts, updating settings and responding to comments. Give someone an admin role on this Page so that you’ll have help with managing it.

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7. Composer
The composer is the best way to reach your audience across Facebook and drive engagement. In Composer section admin can schedule posts, manage their upcoming post, upload multiple images from their desktop or add multiple images via new drag-and-drop capabilities.

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8. Pinned Posts
When Timeline for pages came out, one of most popular new features was the ability to “Pin” a post to the top of your Timeline. This is a great feature for page admin because it lets you keep an important update at the top of your page for up to 7 days. So when people visit your page (especially new fans), they see the post.

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9. Add Business time
Add your business hours to your Facebook page so that it is easy for people to plan a visit. When you add business hours, your page is also more likely to be suggested to people in your area.

10. Invite friends
You can invite your friends to like your business page that helps to increase post engagement and interaction with fans, keep you connected to your actual customers.

11. Promote website.
If you want to send people to your website to shop, make an appointment or get more info, add the website address to your Page to help them find it.


12. Post Photos, Videos and Quotes
Posts that include a photo album, picture, or a video generate 180%, 120% and 100% (respectively) more engagement than a text post. Quotes also tend to have high interaction.

13. Use Facebook post for product promotions
Use posts to promote online sales, feature products or new arrivals. Design promotional image & share on Facebook as image to reach to social media. Image with discount products image.

14. Use photo album as product gallery
Use Facebook album to promote featured products & new arrivals. Create Facebook album & upload photos of products. This will help to find Facebook fans related products at one place. Fans will share products on social network if they like.

15. Link other social media to Facebook page
Use Facebook tab to link other social media like you tube to share product reviews. Pinterest to share pin boards & Google maps to share store location.

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